Monday, June 27, 2016

To Save A Mate- Somewhere, TX Series Book 1

Kara lost everything in her life then crashes into Luke. Tension is quickly spun when more drama is added to an action Luke did to Kara without her permission. But heat rises between them and they aren't able to keep each other from themselves. New things are discovered in and out of the bedroom and Kara has a lot to take in.

Readers can't help but keep reading with Krystal Shannon's detailed but simple writing. It leaves readers feeling what Kara and Luke feel and can't help but sympathize. Shannon doesn't waste any time and leave readers satisfied and begging for more at the end of this opening book in its series.

A novel that'll be loved for many paranormal romance readers as well as erotica. The book will leave you pulsing, panting, and pleased by the end. Everyone will be lining up eagerly and impatiently for the next book to see what becomes of the couple. I, myself, can't wait as well.



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