Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Love Is Fear- Valerie Dearborn Trilogy Book 2

Lust, lies, and a plan that severally backfires thickly fills Hanson's sequel, Love is fear. Pasts are revealed from the shadows, deeper bonds steamingly established and a pairing that shocks even the best of plot guessers and leaves them reading like there is no tomorrow. Valerie is left in a whirlwind of emotions and forced into something she should have thought more of in another anxious inducing cliffhanger.

Vivid and extremely steamy, Hanson's details and writing are as orgasmic as her first novel in the series and are left shaking and wet for the conclusion. The fire is more fueled with revealing and twisting events. So many plot twists majestically stirring in the sequel there is no stopping to reading.

A definite addition to erotic novel collections readers will no doubt read more than the first book. E-readers secretly bookmark the sexy steamy parts to quickly come back to to relish and experience the lust and pulsing pleasure the characters do, at least I certainly have. I have no doubt the conclusion will be just as steamy and wet as this.



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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Love Is Darkness- Valerie Dearborn Trilogy Book 1

Valerie discovers she's not a normal human but a member of a extinct race of The Fey. Lucas is drawn to her like a moth to a flame but his flame is much lower. Jack is Val's childhood crush and a hunter, his target: the king of the vampires, our sexy, breathtaking Lucas. Throw in Marion with her past and everything explodes. The king makes a big decision, Marion doesn't like it and goes to a great length to try and stop it, even going against his orders on her.

Heat builds up and sparks fires of all kinds between everyone. Fights fuel the flames as does the blooming passion. All combined with Caroline Hanson's amazingly thorough and detailed writing and Love Is Darkness is born. A book that will leave the reader anxious, angry, relief of more books and sad all at once when they finish.

A must have for any erotica novel collection that'll leave you pulsing and panting. Well written, smooth, fast moving, and especially hot, Love Is Darkness is the very definition of an erotica and a classic love triangle series. It's definitely on my list of most loved books and will enjoy reading numerous times and can't wait to find out what happens to our steamy hot characters.



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