Saturday, June 25, 2016

Love Is Mortal- Valerie Dearborn Trilogy Book 3

Breath holding action and pulsing moments fill the final book in Hanson's Valerie Dearborn Novels. Everything ties together as it fills as if time has slowed for the reader. Valerie endures multiple mental battles and faces heart wrenching experiences that still left her winning in the end. Promises, new and ancient, are carried out but not with expecting results.

Hanson finishes strong with her voice and detailing leaving everything smooth and passionate, as it also has been through out the series. Her choice in ending will no doubt leave readers satisfied but curious of alternative endings. I, personally, am very interested in Molly and her story.

The whole series is nothing but passionate and adventure filled, a perfect read for paranormal and erotic romance readers alike. The plot was amazing and left nothing unturned and empty at the end, leaving the reader fully informed and passionately dizzy. Readers will undoubtedly enjoy reading the series over and over like it was the first time they read it. I know I will.



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